What should you do if a competitor is trying to drive you out of your industry? Unfortunately, some companies will attempt to get a bigger piece of the pie by driving their competitors out of the industry. How you handle a situation like this will not only reflect how you handle yourself as an individual, but it will also reflect how you handle your business. Here is my 5-step process to help you strengthen your small business, especially if a competitor is trying to drive you out of your industry.

5-Step Process to Deal with Competitors

Propriety – Is there unique about your business’ technology? Do you have a specific process that could be protected as intellectual property through a patent, trademark or even a trade secret?

Innovation –
Pay attention to what you are doing as a business to ensure you’re on the cutting edge of your industry. Staying innovated will help you stay ahead of the market and therefore your competitors.

Ecommerce –
How are you positioned online? Have you invested in a website and social media? Make sure your website and social media represent how you want to present your business.

Customers –
Look to your customers to help strengthen your position in the market. Customer loyalty is an invaluable resource for any business. Put out a customer survey, provide loyalty rewards and let them know they’re experience matters to you.

Engage –
As a small business it is very important to engage in your community and be an active member. They want to support their community and so should you!

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