Out of every five businesses, one has been a victim of cybercrime. Cybercrime involves the use of a computer to commit a crime and can take many forms, from phishing and spyware to viruses and ransomware. Cybercrime has been an ongoing threat that continues to evolve, with new threats surfacing every year. That is why cybersecurity is critical for businesses. Many organizations are now even turning to a new type of vigilante cybersecurity with a goal of finding vulnerabilities before it happens. Watch the video to learn more about the White Hat Cyber Community.

9 Ways To Turn Employees Into Cybersecurity Guards

  1. Train employees on how to spot dangerous links.
  2. Know what to do with a strange pop-up box.
  3. Know where to look up scams.
  4. Create a strong password. Don’t write it down.
  5. Properly store data.
  6. If it’s suspicious, don’t open it.
  7. Use two-factor verification.
  8. Keep kids away from business technology.
  9. Make your cybersecurity measures easy to use.

 The goal is to find vulnerabilities before it happens.

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