Carlos and Lisa of BeondTV talk about how to find money for your business with author, Kedma Ough. Kedma went from filing for bankruptcy to a small business champion with a passion for helping businesses find the funding they need to grow.

Kedma Ough’s Story

If I could take you through a time machine – eighteen years ago, you would have seen a well-educated businesswoman sobbing on the curb next to the bankruptcy court in Tucson, Arizona after having filed chapter seven.

Most people including entrepreneurs that find themselves in a very difficult financial scenario don’t set out to create that situation. Often it results from a loss of a job, a health crisis or in my case a divorce.

Two weeks later, I received a two-hundred-dollar credit card from Capital One. That two hundred dollars made me feel as though I had made it back to GO in Monopoly, I was back in the game! I decided right then to start my journey to uncover all the funds and resources that were available to people like me, people who had experienced a crisis but still wanted the American dream. During my 15-year journey, I cracked the code, reverse engineered funding, and figured out how to find grants and resources regardless of a person’s financial situation. I studied and researched funding sources so much that every time I taught at the University, I told my students “Find me a funding source I don’t know about and I’ll take you out to dinner.” I never took anyone out to dinner. I was so determined to prove that no matter what hurdles you face you can still find funding for your dream.

Financial Funding and Grant Resources

Here is the secret to finding funding: variables. Your personal identity, location, and business are your variables. For example, you or your business may identify as:

  • African American
  • Female
  • Lesbian
  • based in Los Angeles
  • a technology-focused company
  • with communication education for people who have autism

Each one of these variables is tied to funding. There is funding for women, minorities, the LGBT community, your specific city and state, your field of business and special interests. Funds are tied to variables; you just need to identify the variables that are unique to you.

I’ve put over 15 years of my experience and all my funding resources into my book, Target Funding. With this book, you’re virtually hiring me to provide you with my expertise and step-by-step guidance on how to approach funding sources, win them over, and convince them to offer you the money you need—all for less than twenty dollars! Order your copy today!

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Kedma Ough is a nationally recognized small business funding expert and author of Target Funding, a book that helps you discover a proven system to get the money & resources you need now in order to grow your business.

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