Today I want to talk to you about what LinkedIn means to me and how I grew from 4,000 connections to 17,000 connections in six months on my own without paying a dime. When I think about a connection, I think about two people who come together and are affected by each other. In order to affect people, you must create a difference in their life, so that by being in their life and being connected to them, they have somehow shifted, changed or learned something as a result of that connection. How do you make a connection like that with someone new?

CARE: 4-Steps to Building a Connection

Curiosity. When you meet someone new be curious and ask questions about what they do, who they are, what life means to them, what are they passionate about, etc.

Action. What action can you take when first meeting someone that supports them? Try actions like getting their business card and following up, set up a second meeting or even refer them to someone else.

Resources. Rather than being sales-oriented, try offering resources. You have resources, whether through advice, experience, connections or some type of opportunity that the other person could utilize or benefit from.

Engagement. When I’m in the presence of someone, they know they are the most important person in that moment because I look them in the eye and I am visibly engaged when conversing with them.


When Building a Connection, Remember to CARE!


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