Each morning you wake up, look outside or check your weather app, and then decide what clothing you should wear based on the weather. If it’s raining outside, you wouldn’t think twice about putting on a raincoat, right? Well, similarly to putting on a raincoat to repel the rain I suggest creating and wearing an invisible raincoat to protect your emotional wellbeing. Why? The world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. At times, the world is cold, harsh and could harm you emotionally if you don’t have a healthy defense mechanism in place. An invisible raincoat is something that reminds you to deflect outside negativity, preventing it from getting to your core like a raincoat shielding you from raindrops. You can create your invisible raincoat with a certain color, style, or material as long as it helps protect you from any negativity trying to bring you down.

Protect Yourself by Creating your Own Invisible Raincoat Today.

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