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What are the Rules to Winning the Funding Game for Inventors and Innovators?


 Throughout the many years I have been coaching entrepreneurs on how to find the funds they need for their ventures, I often thought of how similar business funding is to playing chess. In chess, you have to learn the abilities and limitations of all the different chess pieces. As you move each piece, you have to strategize to stay a few steps ahead in anticipation of getting to a checkmate. The same with the Funding Game, if you do not know the capabilities of all the different players and if you do not have knowledge for maneuvering through the process, you are likely to be frustrated, and ultimately, defeated.

 3 Rules You Need To Know To Win The Funding Game:

 Rule #1  – Know the rules of the Funding Game.

Rule #2 – Understand the players. 

Rule #3 – Create a strategy to play the game right.

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1. The New American Dream and Diversity Funding

Living the American Dream without going into debt is everyone’s dream. We begin with this in mind.

2. Community-based Funding

Tapping into hidden economic development and industry cluster funds in your state.

3. Funding for Inventions and Innovations

Funding for independent inventors, research and technology ventures.

4. Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

Find out about hundreds of thousands of services you can get for free or very low-cost and how the Government can buy from you.

5. Funding for the Unbankable

Something banks are not the best places for funds so we cover all the other options available including specialized grants for entrepreneurs that meet an income criteria.

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Brad Smith

President, Stellar Insight, Inc.

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