Funding Resources for Veterans

Target Funding by Kedma Ough

“As a veteran, I love to help other veterans get the resources I wish I had when I started my entrepreneur journey. This book is one!”
– Brian Perry, The Leaders Voice, Veteran-owned Business

Funding Resources
for Veterans

A lot of us want to continue to be servant leaders after the military. We need purpose. The greatest gift you can give to transitioning veterans is your ability to be resourceful.

This book “Target Funding” is that resource for veterans. If there is one book that has the answers to getting funds for veterans and starting a business this is it.

Having this book can help veterans get the funds to fulfill their dream of starting a business. You can make the difference.  It might even help you.

Kedma Ough poured 18 years into this book and all her knowledge working with the VA and for those that didn’t have a voice. You buying her book is another way you pay it forward and change the life of veterans that want to be a part of our small business community.

Buy the book . Become a resource for your buddies. Help a dedicated author reach more people.

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