Funding Your Business — Tips To Get Your Finances In Order

It is possible to turn your dreams into reality! Kedma Ough shows Good Day Sacramento how to turn your dreams into reality while being specific with the way you raise the money for your business! In Kedma Ough’s book, Target Funding, you’ll get thousands of resources to help you find funding for your business and usable tips to get your finances in order. Get started today and learn how to turn your business dreams into a reality with Target Funding, a proven system to get money and resources for your business.

How to get started:

  • Create a spreadsheet for managing fund targets
  • Order by priority which funding source to target
  • Be aware of deadlines for each program
  • Contact or apply for the programs
  • Keep your spreadsheet updated

I’ve put over 15 years of my experience and all my funding resources into my book, Target Funding. With this book, you’re virtually hiring me to provide you with my expertise and step-by-step guidance on how to approach funding sources, win them over, and convince them to offer you the money you need—all for less than twenty dollars! Order your copy today!

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