With all the training opportunities, tutorial videos, informative articles, and life lessons learned, it amazes me that there are still bad leaders amongst us. Today, I want to share the rules I bring to my work environment to provide my team with exceptional leadership.

How to be an Exceptional Leader

  1. No drama. This doesn’t mean that problems never happen but I will not, can not and do not tolerate drama in the workplace.
  2. The weakest link breaks us down. I always tell my team that the weakest link will affect the rest of the team. Each team member must put in their 100% best, not that they need to know everything or be the best but they have to do their best. If someone is only putting in 50% it will affect the rest of the team.
  3. Balance is important. I expect my team to balance their work life and personal life because no one gets brownie points for not taking time off. Without balance, work quality tends to go down so encourage appropriate time off for the best productivity.
  4. Happy employees equal happy clients. My clients, first and foremost are my employees.

Work towards being an exceptional leader every day!

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