As a business owner or manager, you may have considered jumping into the world of video marketing. Video marketing can take place on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and many more social platforms. Everyone from small start-up businesses to multinational corporations are growing and engaging with their audience through video. Today I am going to give you my 4 tips to create great videos to promote your business using the acronym, SALE. Why SALE? I use SALE because in the world of business you’re always selling your brand, your thoughts or your message.

How to Create Great Videos for your Business: SALE

S – Short. Keep your videos under four minutes. People are busy so keep it short.

A – Authentic. You don’t need a studio with fancy lights and cameras. Just be you.

L – Learning. Provide your audience with lessons, tips, or other useful information.

E – Expression. Video is perfect for expressing your passion and personality with your audience.


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