As a business owner or manager, how do you deal with an angry customer? In the video above I describe a real exchange I had with Quickbooks customer service. Typically, when I have a question about Quickbooks I can call customer service and get the answers or help I need. One day I called for support and I found myself speaking with someone who clearly did not know the answers to my question and instead of transferring me to someone else they wasted almost an hour of my time. Finally, after multiple requests, I was able to speak to their supervisor to explain the issue of which I had already resolved myself. At this point, the problem was no longer about my Quickbooks transaction it was about poor customer service. I was able to explain the issue to the supervisor and he agreed to retrain the employee. Don’t waste your customer’s time! Use the 4-steps below next time your dealing with an angry customer.

How to Deal with an Angry Customer in 4-Steps

  1. Do Not Get Defensive

  2. Actively Listen

  3. Identify With Your Customer

  4. Resolve the Problem

Support your customers, don’t waste their time!


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