In 2001 you would have found me sitting on a curb, sobbing my eyes out after filing for bankruptcy. I wasn’t sure what was next for me.

Two weeks later, I received a two-hundred-dollar credit card from Capital One. That two hundred dollars made me feel as though I had made it back to GO in Monopoly, I was back in the game! I decided right then to start my journey to uncover all the funds and resources that were available to people like me, people who had experienced a crisis but still wanted the American dream. During my 15-year journey, I cracked the code, reverse engineered funding, and figured out how to find grants and resources regardless of a person’s financial situation.

Quick Tips – Applying for Grants

There are funding parties every day of the week! When applying for funds you’ll want to have all your basic information ready to go so you can focus on the explanation for how you would spend those funds, if granted. Once you’ve received a grant, remember that the application process is not over, keep seeking out financial resources. Think of your business like a pizza pie with each slice representing a different funding stream.

I’ve put over 15 years of my experience and all my funding resources into my book, Target Funding. With this book, you’re virtually hiring me to provide you with my expertise and step-by-step guidance on how to approach funding sources, win them over, and convince them to offer you the money you need—all for less than twenty dollars! Order your copy today!


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Kedma Ough is a nationally recognized small business funding expert and author of Target Funding, a book that helps you discover a proven system to get the money & resources you need now in order to grow your business.

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