If your reading this, more than likely you have not taken the initiative to protect your business in the form of cybersecurity yet. Why not? Yes, your busy running a business but the truth is if you don’t have a system in place you are highly vulnerable to attacks. Let’s reduce the risk your small business is facing by utilizing some low-cost cybersecurity resources for small businesses.

Low-Cost Cyber Security Resources for Small Businesses

  1. CyberOregon.com
    Through the Cyber Oregon initiative, small businesses have the opportunity to get cybersecurity advising and take the vital steps needed to improve their cybersecurity posture. Cyber Oregon provides many resources including training and even matching graduating cybersecurity college students with small businesses that can provide the assessment, set-up a plan, and provide training at no cost!
  2. Delaware SBDC – Small Business Cybersecurity Workbook
    The Delaware SBDC Data Assured Program is a robust cybersecurity program that offers not only their award-winning Cyber Workbook that is designed to help small businesses develop an information security plan.
  3. Michigan SBDC – SmallBusinessBigThreat.com
    The Michigan SBDC offers no-cost general small business consulting, financial planning, strategic planning, and market research. Cybersecurity industry experts lead all in-person cybersecurity training with Michigan SBDC staff present on-site.
  4. Kansas SBDC – Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
    The Cyber Security Assessment Tool evaluates your business’ capabilities for assessing security maturity and determining where sensitive data is located. The Cybersecurity Assessment Tool is best used not only as a starting point but as critical check-ins throughout the life of a business.

If you are looking for cybersecurity resources in your local area, visit America’s SBDC to find your nearest Small Business Development Center today!

Start Protecting Your Business Today!


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