I manage a firm that provides women, minorities, and persons with disabilities with the tools they need to build a thriving business as well as a program that supports inventors statewide. Unfortunately, there are many companies that don’t share my passion for helping inventors become successful. Some of those less than passionate companies advise aspiring entrepreneurs to purchase a low-quality patent for a large amount of money. Getting accurate information and good advice before investing a lot of time and money is the best way to prevent mistakes and regrets when developing a new product. If you have a product idea that you want to pursue, wait until you have spoken to one of the inventor’s resources listed below before you sign a contract or spend any money.

Resources for Inventors

  1. Reach out to Kedma Ough. I can help provide quality resources for inventors and get you pointed in the right direction.
  2. Reach out to the United Inventors Association. They are a non-profit that provides:
    • Education for inventors
    • Resources for inventors
    • Awareness for inventors


Please share these resources with inventors you know!


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