Scott Duffy is a TV/Online host, top 10 keynote speaker, and business growth expert. He started his career working for best-selling author and speaker Tony Robbins. Scott went on to work for big media brands before launching and selling a business to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Currently, Scott is Co-Host of Business & Burgers, Contributor to Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author of Launch!, a roadmap for building great companies.

Today, Scott Duffy is discussing the new release of the book Target Funding by Kedma Ough. Target Funding is a strategic guide to funding opportunities aimed at specific types of businesses and business owners. You’ll learn about all the options available to you―including conventional, alternative, and diversity funding―and how to access them based on your needs and your demographic, industry, location, and other variables. Watch the video above and read the review below to learn what Scott Duffy has to say about Kedma Ough’s book, Target Funding.

“No one knows more about funding SMBs—or cares more about helping people find the funds to launch or build their businesses—than Kedma Ough. She’s on a mission to save unfunded and underfunded businesses with her Target Funding™ strategy.”

– Scott Duffy: Co-Host, Business & Burgers, presented by Microsoft®; Special Project Editor,; best-selling author, Launch: The Critical 90 Days from Idea to Market

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Kedma Ough is a nationally recognized small business funding expert and author of Target Funding, a book that helps you discover a proven system to get the money & resources you need now in order to grow your business.

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