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About The Book

Key Takeaways:

  • Critical information on the wide range of funding options available to startups and small businesses of all kinds, including un-bankable ventures and independent inventors
  • Hundreds of vetted funding sources that include the features and eligibility requirements of each grant, loan, and investment opportunity specified
  • Real-life business funding stories that inspire and inform
  • Expert advice and insider tips for mastering the funding game
  • A roadmap for finding accessible funding opportunities that align with your funding needs

There’s more small-business funding out there than you realize―and Target Funding shows you how to find it, land it, and use it to launch, stabilize, or grow your business.

Target Funding is a strategic guide to funding opportunities aimed at specific types of businesses and business owners. You’ll learn about all the options available to you―including conventional, alternative, and diversity funding―and how to access them based on your needs and your demographic, industry, location, and other variables.

Target Funding reveals a proven business-funding strategy that can make all the difference as you pursue your entrepreneurial dream.


What’s inside


The New American Dream

Living the American Dream without going into debt is everyone’s dream. We begin with this in mind.


Diversity Funding

Funding for veterans, PWDs, minorities, women and other diversity groups


Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

Find out about hundreds of thousands of services you can get for free or very low-cost and how the Government can buy from you.


Community-based Funding

Tapping into hidden economic development and industry cluster funds in your state.


Funding for Inventions and Innovations

Funding for independent inventors, research and technology ventures.


Funding for the Unbankable

Something banks are not the best places for funds so we cover all the other options available including specialized grants for entrepreneurs that meet an income criteria


Chapter 4

Funding for Veteran-Owned Businesses


Almost 2.5 million American businesses, 1 in 9, are owned by veterans of the United States military. Collectively, these businesses generate more than $1.1 trillion in sales, employ nearly 6 million people, and pay over $210 billion in payroll each year. Located in all parts of the country, vet-owned businesses span a wide range of industries, from retail to manufacturing, technology, construction, energy, transportation, real estate, agriculture, healthcare, education, and the list goes on. Upwards of 250,000 service members return to civilian life each year, many of whom have the skillsets and desire to become business owners. In fact, veterans are 45 times more likely than non-veterans to be self-employed business owners than nonmilitary citizens.
Veterans who wish to start, buy, improve, or expand a business face the same funding challenges as their non-veteran counterparts. In addition, some veterans are eligible for funding that is targeted specifically for veterans, such as those featured in this chapter.
If you have served your country, you deserve to know about funding that has been set aside for veterans. Armed with that information, you can then decide whether it is advantageous for you to target one or more of the vet-specific funding opportunities available to you.


Private Grants for Veteran-Owned Businesses

Private grants for veteran-owned businesses are hard to come by, but they’re usually easier to qualify and apply for than government grants. So it might be worthwhile to spend a few hours searching the Internet for nonprofit organizations offering business grants to veteran-owned businesses. Our team identified several options for grants and other funding specifically for veterans. To learn more click to learn more about our Target Funding classes.





Bonus Chapters

Discover the targeted funding and resources available to support YOUR small business or idea

Kedma Ough is one of today’s most respected authorities on business funding and entrepreneurship and this practical guide reveals how to locate and secure the necessary funds and resources you need to launch, stabilize, or grow your business dream. She will open your eyes to the vast array of opportunities you didn’t know existed―and provides special insight into beneficial sources before you’re even left the gate.

 You’ll learn about all the options available to you, including conventional, alternative, and diversity funding. You’ll find out how to access all of them based on your needs, demographic, industry, location, and other variables.

Get started on your dream venture today! With Target Funding, you have a proven business-funding strategy to lift your company or invention off the ground and become a sustainable profit machine.

No one knows more about funding SMBs—or cares more about helping people find the funds to launch or build their businesses—than Kedma Ough.

Scott Duffy: Co-Host, Business & Burgers, presented by Microsoft® | Best-selling author, Launch: The Critical 90 Days from Idea to Market


Kedma Ough understands the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs, and she knows how to level the playing field for women-owned businesses. One of her most powerful assets is her ability to cut through the BS and find the funds to get your business to the next level.

Helen Anderson: Chief Lactation Officer & Medical Advisor, Milkies

If you’re at all struggling to find or access funding, Kedma Ough’s Target Funding strategy will help you navigate the many complexities that can come with finding the resources needed to take your business or invention to the next level.

Graham Weihmiller: Chairman & CEO, BNI (Business Network International)


About the author.

Kedma Ough is a nationally recognized small business funding expert, innovation and entrepreneurship thought leader, SBA award-winning Champion of Small Business, and advisor for inventors. Ough’s driving mission is to empower people—particularly minorities, veterans, women, people with disabilities, and the LGBT community—to become business owners and to maximize the wealth potential. To date, she has helped more than 10,000 individuals fund, launch, and grow their businesses, in a wide range of industries and with annual profits ranging from $5,000 to $10,000,000.


Kedma Ough