I had the pleasure of learning a valuable lesson from Sylvie Di Giusto, a national expert on personal branding. Sylvie taught me about the 7-second experience when meeting a stranger which I am excited to share with you today. In short, you’ll make some heavy presumptions based on what you see and hear within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. Things you might presume to know about another person include their intelligence, trustworthiness, whether they are fun, their ethnicity, religion, and even their sexual orientation.

Now, pick one word you would like others to think within 7 seconds of meeting you. I chose ‘enthralling’ because to me the word means something fascinating, magical, and captivating. Then find ways to present yourself so others will perceive you the way you want them to.

What is your personal brand? How do you appear to the world? Things to consider when you’re shaping your personal brand include:

  • What you wear?
  • How do you speak?
  • What do your non-verbal cues say?
  • What words do you use?


Own your personal brand!


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