I recently read someone’s post about how bragging is not a positive thing for women to do but, I disagree. I’ve worked with thousands of women and in my experience, women do not brag, share their accomplishments, or communicate what their worth is and it’s a huge problem. According to research by Jessi Smith, the first female professor of psychology to come up through the ranks at Montana State University, women don’t brag due to a sense of modesty and view speaking their mind as unfavorable in our culture. According to research by Stanford University Professor Charles O’Reilly, an expert in organizational behavior, when women act assertive, tough, or self-confident they are considered more masculine. Women need to be able to feel confident in communicating their worth. Brag about your accomplishments, the programs you represent, the projects you’re working on and the people you work with.

Go ahead, practice bragging about yourself today!

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