As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know what sparks your ambition and creativity. It’s equally important to recognize what causes your drive and originality to diminish or become blocked. If you don’t protect your entrepreneur’s spirit, eventually you may find the enthusiasm and determination you once had slowly faded away. As an entrepreneur, I found myself in this situation. I was hired as a consultant at a financial institution where I was stuck in a cubical all day without room to be creative or innovative. Within the first year, I realized my new job was killing my entrepreneur’s spirit, so I quit. No amount of money was worth losing my entrepreneur’s spirit!

What Kills an Entrepreneur’s Spirit?

  • Stifling them
  • Limiting their creativity
  • Preventing them from taking risks
  • Limiting their innovation
  • Preventing them from sharing ideas
  • Limiting their ability to express themselves

If you’re an entrepreneur: Don’t let anyone or any job kill your spirit. It’s a part of what makes you great!

If you employ an entrepreneur: Give them the tools and resources they need to be creative and express themselves, so you don’t destroy the part of a person that makes them so great.

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