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Funding Resource for Minorities

Let’s be honest. If you are a minority and have grants available to you then you should take it right?

Funding Resources for Veterans

Continue to be servant leaders after the military.  The greatest gift you can give to transitioning veterans is your ability to be resourceful.

Funding Resources for Women

A long time ago someone helped me get the funding that she never thought possible: through a little known grant program for women.

Funding Resources for the LGBTQ

With the stigma that is still attached to our LGBTQ friends, I can help you ease the challenge of finding the funds you need for your business.

Becoming a Superhero?

Learn how to become your very own superhero!


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Target Funding

In her new book, Kedma Ough shows you how to zero in on the funding you need to start or grow your business or to bring your invention to market.

1. The New American Dream and Diversity Funding

A business of one’s own. Funding for veterans, PWDs, minorities, women and other diversity groups.

2. Community-based Funding

Economic development and industry cluster fundings.

3. Funding for Inventions and Innovations

Funding for independent inventors, research and tecnology ventures.

4. Funding for Startups and Small Businesses

Business advice, grants, funding for franchises, government procurement-based funding.

5. Funding for the Unbankable

Matched Savings, incubator- and Accelerator-based fundings.

Funding Resources

About Kedma

Kedma Ough, MBA, is a nationally recognized business development and business funding expert, innovation and entrepreneurship thought leader, award-winning champion of small business, and business advisor for independent inventors. She is also a proud fifth generation entrepreneur, whose great-great grandfather peddled various products across Ireland.


“No one knows more about funding SMBs—or cares more about helping people find the funds to launch or build their businesses—than Kedma Ough.”

Kedma Ough understands the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs, and she knows how to level the playing field for women-owned businesses. One of her most powerful assets is her ability to cut through the BS and find the funds to get your business to the next level.

Helen Anderson

Chief Lactation Officer & Medical Advisor, Milkies

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