Kedma Ough’s Testimonials

“Kedma is a lightening bolt and knows how to channel her energy into success for her clients. I am always delighted when she needs me to work on a project with her.” Anne O’Malley, President, AO Nonprofit Strategies & Affairs
“Meeting Kedma was really a blessing. Kedma helped me through a process of government red tape and was very successful in helping me obtain funding for me and my company. Thank you, Kedma.” Michael L. Monen, CEO, International Building Code Consultants (IBCC), PC
“Kedma is an energetic force, catalyzing resources for local inventors. She is a passionate and talented advocate for her constituents, and they are lucky to have her on their side!” Angela Jackson, Managing Director, Portland Seed Fund
“If you’re a brand new inventor like myself—trying to figure out what to do with your idea and who to talk to and feeling completely lost in a very confusing, and overwhelming world of internet information, YouTube videos, and people promising to show you the way if you pay them a bunch of money—then I strongly recommend checking out Kedma Ough. She is a wonderful wealth of information and guidance that will point you exactly in the direction you need and want to go. Tony Robbins was my go-to speaker for inspiration and direction. Now it’s Kedma. Thank you so much, Kedma, for turning the light on for me!” Aaron Thompson, Owner at ShowerDry, Inc.
“Kedma Ough is one of the sharpest and most insightful business women I know. When you want to achieve your goal enough to seek assistance, Kedma’s extraordinary combination of practical experience and intuition is the very best you can get. Clarity, know-how, creativity and above all the ability to listen are just a few of the profound skills she brings to bear on her client’s challenges. Opportunities are only turned into wealth through diligence, flexibility, and experimentation. She has helped many people with her wisdom. I have no hesitation in recommending Kedma for anyone’s endeavor.” Brad Smith, President, Stellar Insight Inc.
“My consultation with Kedma was profound! It was spiritual in some sense and insightful on every level of business for me. Her pure wisdom was worth a million thank you’s, and that’s still not enough. Anyone seeking Kedma’s counseling will be in great hands. She will listen and hear you, and respond with clear and straightforward understanding and knowledge. Please seek Kedma out for your business! She will inform and guide you in areas where you and your company have the opportunity to THRIVE!” Chad Brown M.Sc., Creative Director, Designer, Photographer
“To know Kedma is to be amazed by her knowledge, skill, dedication, perseverance, and long list of accomplishments. She is a true powerhouse! As a proven champion of people who works tirelessly to improve the quality of their lives through the businesses she runs, Kedma is definitely someone you want in your corner. She has not only helped me personally and our inventors’ organization on a number of occasions, she helps many others, as well. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her services.” Rich Aydelott, Founder, Amazing Life Institute & Wellness Center
“Kedma is the most dynamic, energetic, and professional business leader and entrepreneur I’ve worked with in Portland. She is passionate about her business and the non-profit she founded, and she is an incredible resource in assisting entrepreneurs and inventors in growing their business.” Carroll Bernard, President of Waypoint America LLC and Co-Founder at
“Kedma is fearless and a huge inspiration to all! Kedma was a guest speaker at the October 2017 Women of Influence, US Trust event; the topic of conversation: Impact Investing. She walked on stage with a purple cape and showed us all what a superhero looks like. Kedma spoke from her heart and soul. The attendees were moved and captivated by Kedma’s passion, vulnerabilities, bravery, and talent. Thank you so very much, Kedma, for being a shining star!” Jennette duCloo, Managing Director, U.S. Trust
“Kedma is passionate about sharing her expertise and assisting her clients in achieving their goals. She has a gift of revealing clarity and purpose. Her amazing energy and enthusiasm is contagious! ” Christine Green, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Spiritual Mentor
“If you ever have a client that is entrepreneurial, has a great idea, and is looking to take it to market, then you need to have them meet with Kedma. With her expertise and contact base, she can help those that have a great idea but do not qualify within bank parameters. She is truly the entrepreneur’s friend.” David Saltzman, Vice President, Two Sigma
“I first heard Kedma speak on the topic of cyber security and small businesses at PNDC’s DoD Cyber Security Seminar. Her content delivery was on point, and as a cyber security professional I was impressed with the subject matter and felt it resonated well with the audience. Furthermore, she elaborated on several Oregon cyber awareness initiatives that I was impressed with.” Drew Marmo, MBA student, The George Washington University, School of Business
“Kedma is a positive, energetic, and empowering instructor. Her wealth of professional knowledge and impeccable classroom delivery resulted in one of my most rewarding educational experiences. As an advisor, she guided me through my role as consultant for a community business and played a crucial part in my success. I recommend Kedma as an instructor for any business course. More importantly, I recommend Kedma as a mentor for any aspiring professional who is looking to make the next step in their career.” Forrest Ching, Digital Product Manager
“Words are not sufficient to describe Kedma Ough. This is because she is a continuously moving target, constantly growing, evolving, and adapting to changes in her surroundings. This is when she is not making the changes happen herself. Kedma is bright and quick-witted without pretense, business-focused accompanied by passionate interpersonal communication, and proned to alternating intensity with laughter. She will follow up on her committments and deliver more than what was asked of her. Kedma is the best person to be an advocate for you, and will draw on her formidable resources to solve problems. I am fortunate to know her, and she has inspired me to ignore barriers and dream big.” Gregory Wolley, Manager of Training, Community Engagement and Natural Resources
“Kedma gave a short talk at an luncheon for XXcelerate Fund. The room was full of powerful and inspirational women investors and Kedma’s talk was a bright spot in the event. She was extremely engaging, motivating and inspirational and tied her points in very well with the theme and goal of the luncheon. I’d highly recommend her to speak at any event where you want to inspire and motivate!” Genevieve LeMarchal, Board Vice President, XXCelerate Fund
“Kedma is an amazing entrepreneur. As the Small Business Services Officer for the Oregon Business Development Department, I have worked closely with the Oregon Native American Business Enterprise Network and various other business service providers. Kedma contracts with these service providers as an expert business consultant, and they, in turn, forward reports to my agency regarding the services provided to business owners. I have personally contacted small business owners on many occasions regarding the training, services, and consultation received from various consultants. The comments I have received about Kedma’s consultations have always been positive and complimentary. Kedma also serves as a Council Member on the Oregon Small Business Advisory Council where she works and provides valuable input on behalf of Oregon business. Kedma is a visionary. She doesn’t just talk about creative business ideas; she pursues and accomplishes her goals and objectives. Kedma is a leader. She confidently but courteously provides her input and ideas in forums and committees that have major implications for the state of Oregon and its citizens. I believe she is destined to represent Oregon as a legislator or Senator in the near future.” Gabriel M. Silva, Small Business Services Coordinator, Oregon Business Development Department
“Kedma is a bona fide business genius. In less than 60 minutes, Kedma identified over 5 different ways of increasing our revenues, decreasing our expenses, and increasing our community outreach. While few business consultants bring so much knowledge to the table as Kedma, what I really enjoyed is that Kedma really cared about my company. This wasn’t Shark Tank, Kedma asked questions thoughtfully, and presented business recommendations and funding suggestions in a caring, constructive way. I never felt threatened by her superior expertise – in fact, I felt confident that Kedma was our cheerleader, more assured than our own team that we would succeed. I’m so excited to put all of Kedma’s advice into action, and she’s assured me that she’ll be there every step of the way to ensure that we succeed.” Andy Hayes, Founder and Creator, Plum Deluxe & Plum Deluxe Teas
“I can’t say enough good things about Kedma. I have had the honor of knowing Kedma for over five years. I was a plenary speaker at the SBIR/STTR DoD conference in Portland in 2012, and she was running this conference. Kedma also interviewed me in 2017 for a video series on “Innovation Philosophy,” in which a range of [seasoned] innovators like me to motivate young generation of innovators. She is smart and I am often amazed the quality and volume of work she gets done. She is the director of Small Business Development Center. She is statewide innovation program lead, SBIR/STTR innovation lead, cyber security program lead, youth entrepreneur program lead, and balancing these acts is no small feat. I have nothing but admiration for her amazing work. Kedma is a powerhouse of energy and a bundle of joy packed with innovative business ideas. She is strong, outgoing, witty, and motivational and delivers her advice with experience, conviction, and grit. Her mission and passion is to help those in business need and prep them for success. Capital is the fuel for starting, building, and growing businesses, but finding funding is like an egg hunt. These eggs are often hidden in various places with varying degrees of concealment, in hard-to reach places among nettles or thorns. That is when you really need Kedma on your side. She can guide you in finding these capital eggs. She is a motivator, a mentor, a person full of innovative ideas. I have learned a lot from her.” Corrine Konell, CEO/Founder, barNONE Protein, Inc.